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If you like to share what you know with your friends when visiting somewhere, why not share it with everyone else? Surely they will be thankful to you. Furthermore, if it is successful, your guide could become a good source of income, which is never a bad thing.

With Bauapp, you can share what you know about any museum or public place, anywhere in the world. Contact us if you are not sure how to begin.

To publish on Bauapp you only need to go through these 4 steps:

Choose a place where you are going to talk about

Where do you feel most comfortable talking about what you know? Choose a museum, a monastery, ruins…. Anywhere fits.

Once at that place, what will you talk about?

In each place, you can focus the visit in many ways. You can do a general tour by going over the most important works of the museum, ideal for people who have never been before; or you can do something more concrete. For example, an explication of one of the rooms, things by a specific artist or author, a certain time period, etc.

For example, for the British Museum in London we could have these guides:

  • The most important things of the British Museum in one hour
  • Egyptian Art at the British Museum
  • Guide for the little ones
  • Tour of the sculptures in the Museum
  • The British Museum for beginners
  • The most fun anecdotes of the museum
  • Stories of love in the works of the BM
  • Religions in the British Museum

What would you like to make yours about? Choose a theme that you especially love, about which you can talk comfortably.

Third Step: Don’t make a script

If you recite a script of your visit, it will turn out bland and boring just as so many audio-guides there already are. For your guide to be successful, it is important that it be fresh and natural so that when we hear it, it gives the sensation that our friend is talking to us on the phone.

What we do have to decide are the stops of our visit. That’s to say, the works about which you are going to talk (or the rooms, spaces, etc.). Make a list of the works that you have chosen and although you won’t make a script, it could be a good idea to note something about each piece to help remind you what you want to say. The more schematic, the better, only put down key words. This is very important; tell the things naturally, as you know best. Don’t put on an audio-guide voice!


How long should my audio-guide be?

The number of works that you include in your guide is up to you. A good quantity is usually between 10 and 15 but we leave it in your hands. What is important is that you do not go on too long about each work. Keep in mind that it is not the same having you there as listening to you on the phone. It is hard to keep the attention of people for a long, continuous period of time. Although we know it is difficult, try to keep the explanations of each work in the environment to 1 minute.

Where do you feel most comfortable talking about what you know? Choose a museum, a monastery, ruins…. Anywhere fits.


Finally record the explanations of the works. Try to make them brief, about a minute long. No one wants the typical audio-guide that makes us yawn. Tell it as you would tell a friend, try to throw in a joke, and don’t be afraid of using slang or colloquial language. Learning should not be boring; make it so that who is listening to you will want to listen to you again during their next visit to a museum!

To do the recording, it isn’t necessary to have a recording studio or any sophisticated gadget. They are going to download the recordings on their phone, meaning the resolution can’t be very high. A phone or a home recorder is more than enough to do your guide. What is important is that you record somewhere without much noise, such as a room with the door closed. Ask your adolescent brother not to blast his music and the baby not to cry a lot.

Any doubts? We will help you!

What’s going on

Since I discovered Bauapp, visiting a museum is no longer a boring obligation, but a real fun activity.

Eduardo Lewis, student

This is just a brilliant idea and a really easy way to show art.

Catalina Guirado, Guirado Estate

Bauapp is a rule changer. From now on, knowledge will be much more accessible and fun.

Jan Milmo, historian

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