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We are trying to change the way that the visitors visit the museums. ¿can you help us?
would you know how to do a tour of a museum, church, garden… etc? if so, we would you to participated.

We want to offer friendly and human audio guides, something you really fancy listening and makes you enjoy learning.

Is there any place that you can make a tour about? if so, please let us know in the form below and we can make it happen.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Earn an extra income

What do you earn making a guide on Bauapp? 

  • World fame! You know how the internet is, if you hit the nail on the head, word spreads like wildfire and in little time hundreds, thousands or millions of people could be listening to you!
  • The joy of acculturating people. With your guide you will be helping to spread knowledge to many people and, therefore, for the world to be a better place :)
  • 30% of all income. If your guide is for purchase, 30% of the incomes that it generates will be for you. The rest will be destined to obtain sales of your guide (agreements with museums, with travel agencies, blogs, newspapers, etc.) to the platform charges (Apple, Antroid, etc.) and to the expenses of maintenance and operations for Bauapp.

What’s going on

We want to improve the way in which people visit places. We think that the current offer of audio guides is insufficient and very improvable.

No more to those boring audio guides always made by the same people. The Bauapp guides do not represent any institution and so you as authors have complete freedom to express your passion for art and history in the best way you know. In this way, we will obtain audio guides that are fresher, more daring and more human.

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For this reason, we believe that it does not make sense to have just one audio-guide for everyone. Bau’s objective is to offer different audio-guides for each museum to that each visitor finds one that they want. Some examples of guides that we are receiving are:

Masterpieces at the Guggenheim Bilbao
History of fashion through paintings at the Thyssen Bornemisza
MAMBO museum for kids
Picasso at the MOMA

Choose your audience and make a visit for them! Remember that the visitor can choose which one to buy so make sure that yours is the best 😉

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Until now, only large museums could afford having an audio-guide. The traditional system has very high management costs since they need to rent the devices, have people who sell and manage them, space in the museum, etc. These are costs that very few institutions can afford.

We at Bau are giving the solution to this problem. From now on, any museum, centre, public building, etc. can offer an audio-guide to their visitors with no cost to them. With there being someone who can record their knowledge about the place or the works displayed, and then they can have a guide on Bauapp. We focus all our effort on having content of maximum quality, and not on the operations like the traditional system.

On the other hand, we believe that the cost of audio-guides is in many cases, excessive. This is due to two things. First, the high operational cost involved in maintaining these audio-guides and secondly, but possibly more relevant, is that there is no available alternative since if you want an audio guide, it has to be the official one.

With Bauapp, these two problems are over.

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Since I discovered Bauapp, visiting a museum is no longer a boring obligation, but a real fun activity.

Eduardo Lewis, student

This is just a brilliant idea and a really easy way to show art. So, THANK YOU.

Catalina Guirado, Guirado Estate

Bauapp is a rule changer. From now on, knowledge will be much more accessible and fun.

Jan Milmo, historian

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